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- MR. A N T I JAP. -
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Art CubeVideo Comment

This time's video message reaches us from Art Cube, who are looking forward to their American Tour in March next year!

Just the other day they have held their one-man show at Meguro Rokumeikan...
It's been a special live performance for their 2nd Anniversary and they have been tweeting their comments on our musicJAPANplus Twitter account as well!

They've been telling us about their latest release schedule, their plans on going overseas again and other interesting things. This is a definite must for people who participate in their American Tour!!
And people who don't know much about Art Cube, yet, can very well feel their charm with this video message as well! So don't miss any of it! ^^

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Maybe you have read the Seasonal Survey of Art Cube last week.
But do you know we have multiple language versions?
They are translated by our world team members!
Please click on the flags above to find the article in your own language!

[Seasonal Survey] FALL TO WINTER Q&A feat. Art Cube

It is getting chilly in Japan...Even though you still can found scarlet-tinged leaves all over the city, it surely turns into winter already!
Elements of the autumn overflows in the November, but now you can see the different side of the winter. Why not take a look back to the November♪ at the beginning of December.
9th-Dec-2009 10:17 am - K to the Yotaro
Ryouga Pink
Been a bit quiet here... so I thought I'd share a piccu!

I ask you... wtf is with his teeth? xDDD (but he's gorgeous, no doubt about it.)
5th-Nov-2009 10:46 am - From July...
Ryouga Pink

Wtf... he's blond and he is wearing pink...

12th-Oct-2009 01:57 pm - Picture
Ryouga Pink

Saku, you asked for it, right? I credit Draven, because she found it quite a while ago ^^ I'm just posting.
10th-Oct-2009 02:07 pm - photo REQ.
does someone have the original of this picture?

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